Town Home
131 Cedar Street - Newington, CT 06111-2644 - Phone: (860) 665-8510


The Town's Risk Manager works with the Standing Insurance Committee, the Town's Agent of Record, the Town's insurance carriers, the Employee Health and Safety Committee and the Town Council in the administration of the Town's property, casualty and liability insurance program.  This program consists of:

  • Selection of the Agent of Record every three years
  • Selection of insurance carriers
  • Selection of insurance coverage and deductible levels
  • Contract review
  • Review of property, vehicle and equipment schedule
  • Review and approval of invoices for both premiums and self-insured losses
  • Review of outstanding claims
  • Coordination with both claimants and insurance carriers
  • Working to ensure safe and healthy Town facilities, for both employees and the public

Questions regarding the Town's casualty and liability insurance coverages may be directed to Jeff Baron, Director of Administrative Services, in the Office of the Town Manager (860 665-8513).  People’s United Bank (formerly R.C. Knox and Company) is the Town’s Agent of Record.  The Connecticut Interlocal Risk Management Agency (CIRMA) is the primary insurance carrier for workers' compensation, auto liability, general liability and property insurance.