Town Home
131 Cedar Street - Newington, CT 06111-2644 - Phone: (860) 665-8510

The Town Manager serves as the Chief Executive of the Town and is directly responsible to the Town Council for the supervision and administration of all commissions, boards, departments, office and agencies of the Town except those elected by the people, appointed by the Council, appointed by the Mayor, or appointed by regional, state or federal authority, unless such responsibility is delegated by the appointing authority.

The Town Manager sees that all laws and ordinance governing the Town are executed faithfully, makes periodic reports to the Town Council, attends all meetings of the Town Council, recommends to the Council such measures deemed necessary or expedient, and keeps the Council fully advised on the financial condition of the Town.

The Town Manager is responsible for the printing of an annual report at the close of the fiscal year and for preparing and submitting to the Council an annual budget.

The Town Manager also serves as the Town’s Local Traffic Authority, Local Emergency Planning Coordinator and Director of Public Safety.  The Office of the Town Manager is also responsible for Purchasing, Risk Management and Personnel.

How is the Town Manager appointed?
The Town Manager is appointed by the Town Council and serves for an indefinite period of time at the pleasure of the Council.