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131 Cedar Street - Newington, CT 06111-2644 - Phone: (860) 665-8510

The Town Manager, appointed by the Town Council for an indefinite term, serves as the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer and is responsible for the overall management of all Town departments.  Under the provisions of the Charter, the Town Manager serves as Personnel Director, Public Safety Director and Legal Traffic Authority.  As such, the Manager is charged with informing and advising the Town Council on matters affecting the Town’s welfare and recommending an executive budget for all Town agencies on an annual basis.



  • Working with the Town Attorney and other staff members, developed revised agreements with the Newington Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc. and with Marcus Communications.
  • Working with the Town Planner, continued to coordinate the environmental assessment of the National Welding site and the abandoned foundry site at 21 Boulevard for remediation and redevelopment with the assistance of grant funding.
  • Continued to work with the Mid State Collaborative to (a) identify opportunities to share resources and information as a means to maximize effectiveness and efficiency of operations, and (b) coordinate lobbying efforts with the legislature on matters such as volunteer firefighting.
  • Handled a number of personnel matters including but not limited to recruitment, termination, retirement, grievances, unemployment compensation and workers compensation claims.
  • Coordinated the drafting and presentation of proposed ordinances or amendments thereto as well as re-codification of the Town’s Code of Ordinances for consideration by the Town Council.
  • Continued to work on alleviating blighted properties throughout the town.
  • Continued to work with the IST Division for purposes of enhancing electronic services available to residents through the website and implementing the long range technology strategic plan.



  • Facilitate the continuation of the long-range strategic planning process pertaining to the capital needs of all Town facilities and the future provision of Town services.
  • Ensure that the Town remains involved in efforts to improve the long term operations of the MDC and its planning for long range capital improvements.
  • Continue to pursue the coordination of personnel and services through collaborations with the Mid-State Collaborative
  • Continue to encourage delivery and coordination of programming and services through collaborations with public agencies, private vendors, and non-profit organizations.
  • Continue to work with representatives of CRCOG and the Department of Transportation regarding the Hartford-New Britain Busway and other traffic related issues and how to address them.