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Capital Improvement Plan

CIP 2023-2024 Adopted COVER

The Town of Newington's budget provides a financial plan for the local government officials and taxpayers that identifies the operating costs and revenue considered essential to the successful operation of the local government for the forthcoming year.  The budget will contain programs administered by the local government.  The operating budget is proposed by the Town Manager and adopted by the Newington Town Council.

2022-2023 Town Council Adopted Budget

2023-2024 Town Manager Proposed Budget

Previous Budgets

The Town of Newington Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a comprehensive five-year plan of proposed capital projects, intended to identify and balance the capital needs of the community within the financial capacity and debt management policies of the town. The document is primarily for planning, is updated annually and subject to change as the needs of the community become more defined and the projects move closer to final approval.

Previous Capital Improvement Plans

  1. Monthly Reports
  2. Annual Reports

The Town Manager's monthly report details the activities of the town. The report is a commitment to keep citizens informed and involved in the community. The information is complied from reports submitted by town departments Information includes activiity summaries, project updates, overtime summaries and other statistics for the Town's departments.

Current Monthly Report

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