The Facilities Management program has the responsibility of maintaining and operating the Town Hall Complex (which consists of the Police Department, the Council Chamber and Auditorium, General Administrative offices, the Board of Education offices, the Mortensen Community Center, Senior & Disabled Center, Lucy Robbins Welles Library, Highway Garage, Parks & Grounds Garage, five Firehouses and Town owned historical properties.

Facilities Diagram

The Town Hall complex, a former high school converted to office use in 1972, totals 121,000 square feet of which 75,906 are used for General Government and recreational purposes with the remainder occupied by the Administrative offices of the Board of Education. This program also contains those items required to administer and maintain buildings owned by the Town which are not budgeted elsewhere including the Newington Volunteer Ambulance Corps building. 


  • Work with the Building Department, Central Connecticut Health District, Fire Marshal’s Office, Health and Safety Committee, and the Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator to enhance operations.
  • Lead the Town Hall Assessment Study and implement the steps necessary to bring the facility into compliance with all applicable codes and upgrades to ensure continued operations.
  • Establish a comprehensive maintenance program for all town owned buildings and leverage associated costs of this program through procurement strategies and “preferred supplier” programs.
  • Coach the Historical Society in the requirements necessary to procure grants available for the upgrades to the town owned historical homes.
  • Manage the spending of grant awards to maintain compliance with regard to the historical homes.
  • Provide financial management of all town facilities budgets.
  • Provide for utilities and security in the Newington Volunteer Ambulance facility.
  • Prevent, to the extent possible, deterioration and vandalism at the Newington Volunteer Ambulance facility.