Art Exhibits

The Lucy Robbins Welles art exhibit program allows local artists the opportunity to share their art with the public in the Community Room of the library.  The Exhibit Coordinator, in consultation with the Library Director, is authorized to select exhibits.  Exhibits may be viewed during normal business hours, when the Community Room is not in use.

Exhibit Policy (PDF)

Art Exhibit for June  - Deb Herrick Clen

Throughout the month of June, Deb Herrick Clen will be displaying her abstract art works in the Community Room of the Lucy Robbins Welles Library. She grew up in an artistic family where art took many different forms among her family members. She had great respect for art and expressed her interest in it, but did not get serious about her craft until her early retirement. It was then that she found her true calling.

Deb experimented with several media, but discovered her voice through abstract painting. She has been a consistent presence on the Connecticut art scene since her first showing in 2017. Her artwork can be seen throughout the state in local businesses, libraries, and juried art shows. Her favorite artists include Brian Rutenberg, Carmen Guedez, and Earl Hamilton. You can find more information on the artist and see samples of her portfolio at:

Malicious Divide
Wizard of Zoe
Master's Choice