Art Exhibits

The Lucy Robbins Welles art exhibit program allows local artists the opportunity to share their art with the public in the Community Room of the library.  The Exhibit Coordinator, in consultation with the Library Director, is authorized to select exhibits.  Exhibits may be viewed during normal business hours, when the Community Room is not in use.

Exhibit Policy (PDF)

Art Exhibit for December
Mark Tegtmeier - Photos

Mark Tegtmeier has been fascinated with taking pictures since he was a boy, starting with the time his mother let him try out her Brownie camera. His very first camera was a Polaroid Swinger, which took only small black and white photos, but was very exciting in that it produced instants prints! He got his first “real” camera about 20 years ago. For most of those two decades, he has enjoyed photographing landscapes, flowers and nature. He spent two summers, and one winter, trekking across Connecticut, searching for waterfalls to photograph. And for one summer, he sought lighthouses to photograph.

Recently, Mark’s focus has shifted to portraits, head-shots, and family photos. In the series of portraits that will be on display, entitled MEN, Mark has chosen to portray the subjects’ faces in black and white, with minimal lighting, “ in the hope of distilling a bit of each man’s essence, of his personality.” Though Mark knew some of the men before the shoot, others he was meeting as he was photographing them. He’s grateful to each of them for their patience and for granting him permission to use their images in this exhibit.

His exhibits over the years have included such places as the West Hartford Art League, the Connecticut Audubon Center, the Stanley Whitman House, and in private showings.

Mark Tegtmeier Photo of a man
Mark Tegtmeier Photo of a man
Mark Tegtmeier Photo of a man
Mark Tegtmeier Photo of a man

Art Exhibit for January 3 - January 28
Newington HIgh School Honors Art Students