Art Exhibits

The Lucy Robbins Welles art exhibit program allows local artists the opportunity to share their art with the public in the Community Room of the library.  The Exhibit Coordinator, in consultation with the Library Director, is authorized to select exhibits.  Exhibits may be viewed during normal business hours, when the Community Room is not in use.

Exhibit Policy (PDF)

Art Exhibit For October

Newington Art League - Multimedia

Pat Tanger - The Falls


Peggy Somlack - The Arboretum


Melanie Stoddard - Sunflower Still Life


Flo Dickie - Bear Hugging Tree


Lois House - Forsythia



Art Exhibit for November
Martha Winslow,  Multimedia

Artist Reception, Saturday, November 3 from 1-3 p.m.

In Martha’s Garden

"Somehow I feel more alive in a garden. I love plants - their flowers, their vegetables, their colors, shapes, growth patterns, their spots, fuzzes and imperfections, all miracles of the life cycle. It intrigues me. I invite you to look closer—there is always something new to be curious about, some new way the light catches, an interesting insect to watch, a plant name to learn. This exhibit has grown out of that interest and I explore this theme in a variety of media including photography, watercolor, and mixed media collage. Many of my works also include patterns and a nod to quilting, another interest of mine. I have been playing with colors and art supplies as long as I can remember. I hold a master’s degree in Education and Creative Arts, and am a former member of Newington Schoolhouse Quilters. This is my second solo show. "

martha winslow flowers
martha wijnslow
martha winslow 4
martha winslow


Art Exhibit for December
Mark Tegtmeier - Photos


Art Exhibit for January 3 - January 28
Newington HIgh School Students