Newington Library 5K Challenge Road Race                            May 15, 2022 - Save the Date!

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The 25th Annual Newington Library 5K Challenge Road Race will be held on Sunday, May 15, 2022. Save the date and be a part of this great community event that supports the library. 

About the race: 
The Newington 5K Challenge Road Race is an annual fundraiser that is presented by the Library Board of Trustees. This is the 25th year of the race with all proceeds of the race benefiting the library and its future growth. The race is a popular community wide event that offers a fun filled morning of exercise, competition to spend with friends and family. Walkers are welcome! 

Sponsorship and Donation Opportunities: 

Businesses, individuals and organizations can support the race through race sponsorship
or raffle prize donations.

Sponsorship Levels opportunities for 2022

Sponsorship Application Form for 2022

Race Prize Donation Opportunities for 2022

25 race box

1. We love the Lucy Robbins Welles Library.

2. Great communities have great libraries.

3. A 25th anniversary deserves special attention.

4. Libraries help you exercise your mind.

5. Newington is home to two world-class runners who have run this course many times

6. Bill Rodgers a 4-time winner of the Boston Marathon and the New York City Marathon grew up in Newington – Bill ran this course again in 2021.

7. You can follow in the footsteps of Lindy Remigino the 1952 Olympic Gold Medal winner in the 100 meters who settled in Newington, coached at Hartford High School and supported this race.

8. Help support the Board of Trustees vision for the Library’s future.

9. The Lucy Robbins Welles Library and books are your happy place.

10. Libraries are a fun place for children and you loved the library as a child.

11. Books open the windows of a child’s mind and help it flourish into adulthood.

12. Libraries make information available to everyone equally for free.

13. Libraries empower.

14. Libraries transform lives.

15. The Lucy Robbins Welles Library is the culture center of Newington.

16. What in the world would we do without our libraries? —Katharine Hepburn

17. Running is your happy place.

18. The race is a family-friendly event.

19. It’s a flat, fast course - good for running a PR (Personal Record).

20. You’re a guy and you want to beat the men’s record of 15:25 set in 2019.

21. You’re a gal and you want to beat the women’s record of 18:25 set in 2002.

22. The course is USATF certified.

23. It’s a well-organized race with numerous volunteers helping.

24. Free post-race prize drawing for all runners and walkers.

25. The entry fee is $25 until online registration closes.

2021 race results