Library Parking Lot Construction Project

under construction graphic

In preparation for the Town Hall Renovation Project, the construction of a new parking lot on library property began the week of September 4, 2018.  The project is scheduled for completion in late October into early November.

  • The library will be open regular hours and offer the same great services and programs during this project.

  • The first phase of the project began on September 5 with the removal of trees and shrubbery. This part of the project has been completed. The project is now in the next phase that involves the installation of drainage for the new parking lot and grading of the property. During this phase the fence between the Garfield Parking Lot and the library property has been taken down. Temporary lighting has been installed during this time for safe access at night. New lighting and the re-connection of the existing lighting is coming soon. The final phase will include the paving of the new lot that will be connected to the existing Garfield Parking Lot.
  • The completed project will include ample green area with trees and shrubs.

  • A construction fence has been erected from the Garfield parking lot to the library building that will allow for safe and easy access to the library.

  • Access to the delivery driveway has been blocked during construction. All deliveries be made through the front doors of the library. Upon completion of the parking lot, our new improved delivery entrance will reopen.

  •  For your convenience, an illustration of the completed project is available at our public desks and on our website.

  • We anticipate there will be intermittent construction noise during this project.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

  • We are looking forward to the expanded parking at the completion of the project.

  • Please feel free to call the library at 860-665-8700, visit the library in person or check for updates on the new parking lot from the library's website at for the latest information about this project.

Thank you for your patience during this transition.