Why should I hire a licensed contractor?
Any person doing work who is not currently registered with the State of Connecticut is doing so illegally. Using a licensed contractor provides some protection to the homeowner for being charged for work not completed and/or materials not provided. Materials and suppliers and subcontractors can place a lien on your home if they do not receiver payment from your contractor. Trade licenses for those persons doing Home Improvement, Plumbing, Electrical, or Mechanical work provides some assurance that they have adequate knowledge and training in those fields.

The Building Department Verifies the license and insurance of all contractors applying for a permit.

If you are not hiring a registered contractor, you are missing out on $15,000 worth of protection!

The Department of Consumer Protection protects the homeowner by the Home Improvement Guaranty Fund. The fund can reimburse consumers up to $15,000 who are unable to collect for loss or damage suffered from a registered contractor's performance or offer to perform a home improvement. To find out if your contractor is registered contact the Department of Consumer Protection at 800-842-2649.

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