Do you accept donations?
We accept food, clothing and financial donations. These contributions support the Newington Food Bank, Holiday Food, Toy and Gift Program, Clothing Closet, Youth Services and our Special Needs Fund, which assists eligible low-income households with emergency shelter, energy, medical, medication assistance and other basic needs. We are very appreciative of the generous contributions made by civic, school, business, religious organizations and town residents.

For more information, please call 860-665-8590.

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1. What programs/services are available for youth, adults, elderly and families?
2. Can you assist with emergency financial needs: housing, utilities, food, medical, etc?
3. What are the days and hours of operation for the Food Bank and clothing closet?
4. How do I know if I am eligible for assistance?
5. Where can I find available affordable housing?
6. I am having conflict with my landlord, what do I do?
7. I think my elderly parent(s) is at risk. What can I do?
8. Do you offer counseling services?
9. Do you accept donations?
10. Do you offer volunteer, community service or college field placements?
11. What activities are available for Newington Youth?
12. What is the Newington Challenge Course & Outdoor Education Center?