What activities are available for Newington Youth?
We offer a variety of programs and activities to middle school and high school age youth.

- The Adventure Learning Program (ALPS) is part of the 5th grade Health and Wellness curriculum teaching skills in problem-solving, decision making, teamwork and communication.

- S.C.O.R.E. (Student Challenge of Recreation/Education) is an after-school program offering social, recreational, cultural and adventure based activities for middle school age youth. Program brochures are distributed and available on our website during September and January.

- The Summer Youth Adventure Program offers a full schedule of daily programs for youth entering 5th through 9th grade.

- We utilize High School youths for mentoring during our Summer Youth Adventures and SCORE programs.

- The Youth Leadership Council is composed of middle and high school age youth who actively plan awareness activities toward bullying, substance abuse and violence prevention and provide ongoing input to the department regarding youth programs and issues.

For more information, please call 860-665-8594.

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