What is a Block Captain?
The Block Captain and the Alternate are liaisons between the Neighborhood Block Watch (NBW) group and the police department. They make sure that the map and roster are complete, and that NBW signs are purchased and posted. They also schedule NBW meetings at least once a year, maintain a current membership roster and map, and distribute Crime Alert Bulletins when provided by the police department. Groups may rotate Block Captain and Alternate responsibilities.

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1. What is Neighborhood Block Watch?
2. Who can participate?
3. If I'm interested, what are the next steps?
4. What happens at the meeting?
5. What are the Neighborhood Block Watch Requirements?
6. What is a Block Captain?
7. What about the Neighborhood Block Watch (NBW) signs?
8. What are some communication and meeting topics?
9. What other groups are doing?
10. Who is the police department liaison?