I just enrolled in a class, now what do I do?
You can access all the courses you are taking at UniversalClass™ under My Classes. Click on the My Classes tab located at the top-right navigational bar anywhere on our service, and simply login with your Member ID and Password.

Once you are in the My Classes area, you can enter the virtual classroom by clicking on the course title which will bring you to the Class Start Page.

From here, a Student Course Wizard™ will guide you on what lessons you need to review, assignments to submit, and exams to take, in order to successfully complete the course. We recommend that you enroll in our free demonstration course for students: How to Take an Online Class at UniversalClass™.

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1. Will these courses transfer as college credit?
2. Will these courses give me a diploma, degree, or a license?
3. Is this course recognized by my state or country?
4. What are CEUs?
5. Is Universal Class an approved IACET Authorized Provider?
6. Is there an instructor available to answer questions?
7. How many hours will it take to complete a course?
8. How long do I have to complete a course?
9. What happens if I need more time to complete a course?
10. Do I need to buy any textbooks?
11. Do you have a demo class I can try?
12. What are the technical requirements?
13. What does it mean by instructor-led?
14. When does a class start and end?
15. I just enrolled in a class, now what do I do?
16. Can I email the instructor my questions?
17. How do I submit assignments?
18. Do I get a grade for the course?
19. When do test score data become available?
20. How do I stop receiving the emails when I leave a class?
21. When will my CEUs be available?
22. How long are student records maintained?
23. What does self-paced mean?