What happens during a revaluation?
If the project requires it, a physical inspection of both the interior and exterior of each property is conducted. Since data on all properties is maintained by the assessor's office, this step is not necessarily required for valuation or statistical updates although inspections of sale properties or a certain percentage of houses may be conducted as a part of the project. While data collection is being conducted, appraisers are studying the recent market sales in order to gain a full understanding of the real estate market in your City or Town. This study of recent property sales allows the appraisers to establish parameters to estimate the value of property that has not been sold using comparisons with recent sales. The appraisers then gather and review these parameters and apply them to all non-sale properties in order to approximate the market value of each property that they are charged with appraising.

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1. What is a revaluation?
2. What happens during a revaluation?
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