• boy with Lego's
  • boy with recycled rocket
  • kids waiting to pet python
  • girl holding Cuban tree frog
  • children frosting cookies in the phases of the moon
  • children making pretzel marshmallow constellations
  • girl with pretzel alien
  • Isabella Rodriguez with homemade Apollo 11 rocket
  • mom and boy getting ready to sort paper objects
  • boy and mom counting paper hats
  • 2 girls with balloon sculpted aliens
  • Man spinning plate on tall stick, boy excited
  • Rossi family building wooden toy boat
  • 2 girls holding extending slime between them
  • families doing art project
  • families doing art project
  • boy bouncing on half-moon ball
  • Mr. Nate telling story to kids
  • boy bouncing on half-moon ball
  • baby girl making handprint flower
  • 2 boys playing in jello
  • Footprint art
  • Boy exploring color changing tile

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