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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. 150th Anniversary Steering Committee
  3. 2022 Charter Revision Commission
  4. Affordable Age-Restricted Housing Study Committee
  5. Affordable Housing Monitoring Agency
  6. Anna Reynolds School Project Building Committee
  7. Audit Committee
  8. Balf Town Committee
  9. Blight Subcommittee
  10. Board of Assessment Appeals
  11. Board of Ethics
  12. Board of Fire Commissioners
  13. Capital Improvements Committee
  14. Commission Guidelines Subcommittee
  15. Commission on the Aging & Disabled
  16. Conservation Commission
  17. Democratic Town Committee
  18. Economic Development Commission
  19. Employee Insurance & Pension Benefits Committee
  20. EMS Committee
  21. Environmental Quality Commission
  22. Facilities Naming Committee
  23. Fair Rent Commission
  24. Human Rights Commission
  25. John Wallace Wing Configuration Project Building Committee
  1. Joint Shared Services Subcommittee
  2. Library Board of Trustees
  3. Library Renovations/Additions Project Building Committee
  4. Local Emergency Planning Committee
  5. Mill Pond Park Pool PBC
  6. Newington Housing Authority
  7. Newington Housing Needs Study Committee
  8. Newington Library 5K Challenge Planning Committee
  9. Open Space Committee
  10. Parks & Recreation Board
  11. Permanent Municipal Building Commission
  12. Police Community Council
  13. Republican Town Committee
  14. School Career Technical Program Renovation Project Building Committee
  15. School Code Compliance Committee
  16. Social Media Policy Subcommittee
  17. Standing Insurance Committee
  18. Town Council
  19. Town Council Rules of Procedure Subcommittee
  20. Town Hall Renovations Project Building Committee
  21. Town Manager Evaluation Subcommittee
  22. Town Manager Search Committee
  23. Town Plan & Zoning Commission
  24. Youth Adult Council
  25. Zoning Board of Appeals