Vital Statistics

In Newington, the Town Clerk and Assistant Town Clerk are also the Registrar and Assistant Registrar of Vital Statistics. The principal statutory provisions relating to these duties are found in Sections 7-36 through 7-76 and 19a-42 of the Connecticut General Statutes.

As the Registrar of Vital Statistics, it is our duty to ascertain as accurately as possible all births, marriages, deaths and fetal deaths which occur in Newington. In accordance with the provisions of the law, we must make and perfect all records of vital events occurring within the Town.

Only a Registrar of Vital Statistics or the Commissioner of Public Health may issue or cause to be issued certificates of birth, marriage, death or fetal death. Notarized copies of vital records have no legal status (CGS 7-62a).

Certified Copies

Certified copies of vital events (birth, marriage, death) that occurred in Newington are available from the Town Clerk’s Office. Vital statistic and genealogical Information in Newington begins with the year 1871. Prior to that year, genealogists will find information in the Town of Wethersfield.

How to Obtain Copies

To obtain copies of vitals records from the Town Clerk’s Office:

  1. Download a request form below.
  2. Fill in the information requested.
  3. Mail the completed form and the fee, along with any other documentation required in the instructions.