Museum Passes

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Museum Pass Program

Free or reduced admission passes to a selection of area Attractions and Museums. All you need is a valid Adult Library Card to reserve your pass today!  The Museum Pass Program is sponsored by the Friends of the Lucy Robbins Welles Library

Reserve Museum Passes Online

You may reserve a museum pass or cancel an existing museum pass reservation online. Reservations must be made with a valid Adult Library Card.

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Print-on-Demand Program

Many of our museums now participate in our Print-on-Demand program. Print-on-demand means that you are able to printout the museum pass from home or a local printer. These passes do not need to be returned. Simply make your reservation, print the pass out, and you’re good to go! 

These passes must be presented in printed format - electronic versions (on smartphones or tablets) will not be accepted by museums. Some museums may ask to see identification that matches the pass printout.

Physical Passes

The museums that are not participating at this time will still offer physical passes available for pick up at the library in the same fashion that you are used to. Physical passes can be picked up the day before the date it is reserved.