Fitness Center

Did you a recent study of boomers, 93% agree that exercise is a primary way to manage healthy aging yet only:

  • 27% exercise regularly
  • 21% exercise infrequently
  • 53% don’t bother at all

What is the Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is designed to offer our members the chance to exercise using treadmills, stationary bikes, weights and other equipment...the same kind found in commercial fitness centers. We offer a wide range of equipment designed to meet the needs of mature adults. Learn how to exercise properly to ensure a sage and effective workout program in an environment that is friendly, welcoming and affordable! 

Our Fitness Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Joining is Easy

In order to take advantage of this hidden treasure you must first  be a member of our Center. A Physician Clearance Form must be completed by the participant’s doctor. (This form is available in our main office). Once the  completed Physician Clearance Form is returned to our main office, you will then be scheduled for a "Fitness Orientation Class" (these classes are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month). Fee for this class is $15 for residents and $18 for non-residents. During this class, you will be given a basic introduction to our fitness room, and shown how to properly use each piece of equipment.

 After completion of the Fitness Orientation Class, return to our main office to pay your "Fitness-Plus" Membership fee ($25 per year for Newington residents and $50 per year for non-residents). At this time, you will be given a new membership card, which must be visible at all times while using the Fitness Room.