Eversource Projects

2022 Eversource Archaeological Survey

Please see the attached information for Eversource's communication regarding surveying in the right of way. 

2022 Eversource Planned Tree Work within the Town of Newington

Please see the below map for planned tree work within the Town. 

Please contact Sean Redding with any questions. 

Sean Redding, Manager Vegetation Management

Phone: 860 665-6103

Eversource Reliability Scorecard

Please see the attached information for Eversource's Reliability Scorecard

Eversource - Culver Street Improvements:

 Replace the current single phase pole line with three phase on Culver St.
 Replace the existing three phase line on Deming St.
 Replacing existing poles in their current locations except for the intersection of Culver St and Cambridge Dr.
 There is a pole next to the pond that is in a bad location and is pulling over. 

Schedule 2022

View the Eversource map.
 Contact - Paul Vukas at paul.vukas@eversource.com

Eversource Urges Customers to Remain Vigilant

See the Eversource Press Release