Eversource Projects

Greater Hartford – Central Connecticut Reliability Project
As part of our everyday effort to deliver reliable energy to our customers and communities, we are preparing to construct the Greater Hartford – Central Connecticut Reliability Project. This project is designed to improve the reliability of the electric system serving the Greater Hartford/Central Connecticut area.

Schedule: Project construction will take place in phases. Please note: these time frames are approximate and subject to change.

Beginning in late September/early October 2018:
    - Construction of the underground portions of the new transmission line in Newington and Hartford, during which you can expect:
           * Vegetation removal and grading;
           * Digging and trenching;
           * Installation of a duct bank, which is a group of tubes buried underground and designed to house electric lines; and then
             restoration of areas disturbed by the work.

Beginning later in fall 2018:
    - The installation of new structural and electrical equipment at the existing Newington and Southwest Hartford Substations.

By end of 2018:
     - Start of construction on the overhead line portions of the new transmission line in Newington, West Hartford and Hartford.

Fall 2019:
     - Final restoration of areas disturbed by work on the underground segments and substations.

Late 2019:
     - Project completion

Contact: Please call 800-793-2202 or email us at TransmissionInfo@eversource.com

Read the Information Letter from Eversource.

Greater Hartford – Central Connecticut Reliability Project Information Pamphlet
AT EVERSOURCE, WE’RE ALWAYS WORKING TO SERVE YOU BETTER. A new, 3.7-mile, hybrid overhead and underground line will be constructed between our Newington Substation in Newington, Conn., and our Southwest Hartford Substation in Hartford.

View the pamphlet.

Newington Substation (185 Cherry Hill Drive)
Schedule: May 2018

Eversource will be replacing one Oil Circuit Breaker with a new 115kV Gas Breaker. Work is within the existing substation fence and on the existing foundation pad.

Construction is planned 7 May 2018 through 1 June 2018. Typical hours of work will be from 7am to 5pm Monday through Saturday with the potential for Sunday work for system restoration. There will be increased truck traffic to the substation intermittently for delivery and removal of equipment.

Please contact Lynn Vasquez, Community Relations Specialist, 203-271-4731.

Eversource Infrastructure Replacement 
Schedule: August 2017 to mid-2018

Replace 13 existing single circuit, wood, H-frame structures with 13 new direct-embed, single circuit, weathering steel, H-frame structures that are slightly higher than the existing structures in Newington, New Britain and Berlin.  Replacement poles will be installed within 15 feet of existing structures.  Structure replacement will not require tree clearing but minor tree trimming and/or vegetation removal may occur within the utility corridor.  

Newington Access Points for Work Activities
Holmes Road (structure 7077)
Fenn Road (structure 7072)
Cedar Street – State Rte 175 (structures 7062 and 7060)
Eighth Street (structures 7048 and 7046)
New Britain Avenue – State Rte 174 (structure 7044)
Carr Avenue (structures 7036, 7035 and 7033)
Kelsey Street (structure 7028)
Bridle Path (structure 7025)

Project Contact:
Brian Ragozzine - Project Manager - Transmission Project
(800) 793-2202     Email: TransmissionInfo@eversource.com