Library Champions Giving Program

library  champions giving program

What is a Library Champions Giving Program?

The Board of Trustees established the Legacy Society some years ago to accept and recognize sizable gift donations, especially bequests designated through estate planning—and those bequests have been impactful. In response to those who want to begin making a regular pattern of donations to the library, the Library Champion Giving Program was created to offer more opportunity to support the Library on a continuous basis.

Library Champions becoming sustaining donors by making monthly, quarterly or annual gifts of a recurring amount. You decide the amount that will work best for you! 

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Why Give Monthly or on a Recurring Basis?

Over the years, charitable contributions have had an enormous impact on the quantity and quality of programs and services provided by our library. By making scheduled monthly, quarterly, or annual donations, you can do even more to ensure that Lucy remains a great institution, continuing its own legacy of contributing to making Newington a great community. The importance of Monthly Giving is that it allows the library to provide more than books to the Newington Community, it has a long-term impact on planning for the future of the library and it is cost-effective, lowering administrative costs allowing more of your money to go where it needs to go.

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The Impact of Becoming a Library Champion

Donating a lump sum at once can be hard but with the Library Champions Giving Program you can make a monthly sustainable contributions that fits your budget and adds up to make a large impact in our community. The impact and benefits of becoming are great. It's easy and affordable, flexible, tax receipts are simple and automatic and allows up to keep you connected to the library.

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