Single Stream Recycling Collection

We are pleased to announce in the first year of the automated single stream recycling program Newington residents recycled over 2,900 tons of recyclables an increase of 34% or 725 tons over previous years. This increase in recycling has allowed the town to save over $50,000 in disposal costs of household garbage.

Blue Reycling Container

Recycling Dumpster

Residents are reminded there is a recycling dumpster located at the Town Landfill where any overflow from your container can be disposed of, during normal landfill hours.

Your Help

We are asking for your continued cooperation and support in our ongoing attempt to raise the Town’s recycling efforts. Our staff is here to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have about the recycling program.

General Preparation Guidelines for Single-Stream Recycling

  • All recyclable materials should be mixed loose in the blue recycling container, no sorting or separation of recycled materials is necessary
  • Absolutely no plastic bags
  • Absolutely no trash
  • Trash is to be placed into the Green Trash Container
  • Cardboard and Paperboard should be flattened to conserve space inside the recycling container
  • Food and Beverage containers should be rinsed clean, a thorough washing is NOT required
  • Keep the Blue Recycling Container lid closed to keep the recyclable materials dry