Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are extremely helpful and allow the department to greatly expand its service capabilities. Volunteer work includes: assisting with the Food bank by: picking up food donations, sorting and stocking food, delivering food to home bound residents and monitoring the use of the food bank. Volunteers also assist with Holiday Programs by receiving and organizing donations, packing and delivering food /gifts, and assisting with on site distribution efforts. Youth Program volunteers serve as mentors to youth participants during activities and programs. Other volunteer opportunities requiring a variety of skills are available throughout the year.

A sheet cake with 'Our Volunteers Are Superheroes!' written in frosting

Youth & Adults are supervised in service projects either voluntary or required by school, faith community, other organizations or the court.

Volunteers & Student Interns

  • Help pack and deliver food baskets
  • Stock the food pantry
  • Be mentors to youth

Students placed by area universities are trained in social casework, youth work and adventure-based activities.

Professional social workers provide supervision.

Volunteers and student interns are always welcome.