Board of Trustees Letter

Dear Friends and Patrons,

The Lucy Robbins Welles Library (LRWL) competes with other charitable, cultural, religious, social and educational organizations in its efforts to obtain charitable gifts to support its activities.

The Board of Trustees established the Lucy Robbins Welles Library, Inc. as a not-for-profit entity in 1960. The Library is recognized by the Federal government as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

As you may know, Federal tax laws may influence your decision to make a gift and if so, the size of the gift. The significance of these laws makes it an important obligation of LRWL to record and acknowledge all gifts received. The most desirable gifts are those with the least restrictions, as unrestricted funds allow LRWL to address the most pressing needs of the Library to enhance reading opportunities, services and improvements.

Guidelines have been established to:

  • Ensure that informed decisions are made on the acceptance of gifts and that such gifts are receipted in accordance with the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Ensure that efficient administrative, legal and accounting practices and procedures are followed.
  • Enable accurate reporting of gifts.

All donors of significant gifts must be advised to seek representation by their own competent legal and/or financial counsel in order to avoid allegations or charges of conflict of interest, undue influence or unauthorized practice of law. A copy of our Gift Acceptance Policy is available upon request.

By giving to the Lucy Robbins Welles Library, Inc. thousands of residents each year will directly benefit from your charitable generosity. Your gift will provide opportunities for building expansion that will include enhanced technology, a broader book collection, and more performance and community space, which will inspire the Newington community for many years to come.

Give to the Lucy Robbins Welles Library and you give to the lives of others.

Your consideration is appreciated,

The Board of Trustees