Affordable Housing Plan


While rental rates and home sale prices in Newington are fairly reasonable compared to other towns in Connecticut, many working families and senior citizens still have trouble finding a home or apartment that they can afford. 

To address this problem, the Town of Newington is working on a municipal “Affordable Housing Plan”.  Affordable Housing Plans are required of every town under Sec. 8-30j of the Connecticut General Statutes.  Preparation of the Plan is being overseen by the Housing Needs Study Committee, and the Plan will ultimately be adopted by the Newington Town Council. 

The Affordable Housing Plan will start with a basic demographic overview of Newington residents (age, income, race, etc.) and an inventory of Newington’s housing supply (housing types, prices, deed-restricted and naturally-occurring affordable housing, etc.).  The Plan will then turn to an overview of housing options currently permitted by our land use regulations, and how those regulations may encourage or discourage housing choice.  The Plan will identify problems that were revealed by the demographic overview, housing inventory, and regulatory overview, and it will suggest some possible strategies to address these problems.

Link to the Housing Needs Study Committee agenda page.

For detailed information on the Affordable Housing Plan, go to the links listed below:

1.         2021-2026-Affordable-Housing-Plan-Adopted-May-25-2021

2.         Sec. 8-30j of the Connecticut General Statutes.

3.         Planimetrics “Kickoff Meeting” memo dated June 8, 2020.

4.         Final Report to Housing Needs Study Committee dated Fall 2014.

5.         Housing Needs Study Committee Agenda for June 15, 2020.

6.         Briefing Booklet #1: Planning for Housing Needs (July 6, 2020)

7.         Briefing Booklet #2: Baseline Information for Affordable Housing Plan (July 6, 2020)

8.         Briefing Booklet #3: Possible Affordable Housing Strategies (August 10, 2020)

9.         Draft Affordable Housing Plan 9/23/2020