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  1. Blue and white sign with Notice of Decision typed diagonally

    TPZ Notice of Decision - 03/13/2019

    The Town Plan and Zoning Commission met and took the following actions... Read on...
  2. Blue and white sign with Public Hearing typed diagonally

    TPZ Public Hearing - 03/27/2019

    The Town Plan and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing to consider the following petitions... Read on...
  3. green lawns

    Keeping Your Lawn (and Newington) Green

    The Lucy Robbins Welles Library has a wealth of information for homeowners who want to "grow green" with their lawns. If you're interested in doing your part to reduce phosphorus and nitrogen in Newington's ponds and streams... Read on...
  4. auto repair

    Motor Vehicle Zoning Regulations

    This change to the zoning regulations will allow the types of motor vehicle-related businesses that used to be allowed prior to 2007. A public hearing on this has been scheduled for March 13, 2019. Read on...