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Petition #10-20: Zoning Text Amendment (Sec. 3.11.8; 3.16.1; 3.17.8; and 9.2) regarding Brewery and Brew Pubs. Town Plan and Zoning Commission, applicant. Continued from June 24, 2020. Proposed Amendment

Petition #20-20: Zoning Text Amendment (Sec. 6.2.1.E and 9.2) regarding Digital Menu Board Signs. The McDonald’s Real Estate Company, owner/applicant; Chris Russo, 2507 Post Road, Southport CT, contact. Application

Petition #23-20: Special Permit (Sec. 3.17.7: Children’s Theatre Organization) at 136 Day Street. 136 Day Street LLC, owner; Newington Children’s Theatre Company, applicant; Chris DeFrancisco, 255 Beacon Street, Newington CT, contact. Application Narrative

Link to TPZ Agenda page.

  1. Blue and white sign with Notice of Decision typed diagonally

    TPZ Notice of Decision 07/08/2020

    The Town Plan and Zoning Commission took the following actions... Read on...
  2. Blue and white sign with Public Hearing typed diagonally

    TPZ Public Hearing 07/22/2020

    The Town Plan and Zoning Commission will consider the following petitions... Read on...