Building Department

The Town Hall is open to the public

.  You may apply for permits:

  • In person
  • Online
  • Or by Mail

See below for options.

  1. Use the Online Permit Center to set up an account and apply for permits. (links provided further down on this page)
  2. Print the forms from the list of Permit Forms located in the green column to the left. 
  3. Mail in the completed forms, any supporting documents and payment to the Building Department at the address listed on the forms. 
  4. Apply in person.
  5. If you need to have a plot plan emailed to you call the Planning / Zoning Dept. at (860) 665-8575. 

Online Permit Center - The online permit center allows homeowners and licensed contractors to apply for and receive building permits over the Internet. You can also track the status of your permit application.  For assistance with the Online Permit Center - call 617-577-9000 ext. 2 or email Support

Building Permit with color