Inspection Requests

Inspection requests must be made 24 hours in advance. Call our office at 860-665-8580 please note that Secretaries schedule all inspections.

Other inspections not specifically noted shall be requested as required.

Call Before You Dig

State Law requires that you call before you dig for any excavation. 800-922-4455 or 811

Inspection Accompanied by Owner

Most inspections require access to the house and must be accompanied by the owner/owner representative over the age of 21.

Commercial, Industrial, Mercantile, Storage & Residential (Larger Than Two Family)

Footing, foundation, concrete and underslab. Rough framing, plumbing, HVAC, and electric. Gypsum board (used as fire resistance related or shear wall assembly) Fire - resistant penetrations. Energy efficiency. Above ceiling. Other inspections including special inspections as determined by the Building Official and a Certificate of Occupancy inspection.


  • Pier/footing inspection before concrete
  • Framing and deck tension ties shall be inspected before the decking surface installation (required only if deck is less than four feet above grade)
  • Final inspection

Electrical Service

  • Final Inspection (access to house is required and must be accompanied by owner/owner’s representative over the age of 21).

Normal Inspections New Home or Additions

  1. Erosion and sedimentary control when required
  2. Footing form and rebar work in position and before concrete is placed
  3. Foundation forms, rebar and hold down devices
  4. Foundation footing drains and /or water proofing before backfilling
  5. Anchor bolts with nut, washer sill sealer and sill plate in place
  6. Rough framing, including, fire stopping, draft stopping and brace wall fastening along with rough plumbing, rough electric, and rough HVAC
  7. Electrical Service
  8. Insulation After all Rough inspections and before drywall installation
  9. Certificate of Occupancy inspection for new construction or final inspection for all other permits. When alterations or additions requiring a permit occur, smoke detectors and a Carbon Monoxide detectors shall be required and will be inspected at final/CO inspection