Current Land Use Applications

Below is a list of our current Land Use Applications for the Town Plan and Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and Conservation Commission.  All Special Permits require Public Hearings.

Please note that the associated documents, meeting dates and locations are subject to change. For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact Town of Newington Planning Department at 860-665-8575.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Meeting Date 12.7.23

    Petition 00-23-04: 65 Culver St. (R-20 zone),Requesting a variance for an expansion of a legally non-conforming            residential use. Applicant/Contact/Owner: Timothy Potvin.

Petition 00-23-05: 45 Lincoln Road, Requesting a variance of Section 4.5 Table A to reduce the front yard setback from 35’ to 10’ to locate an accessory ground mounted solar array within the required 35’ front yard setback on Halleran Drive (through lot with two front yards), Applicant/Contact: Jeffrey McLain, Owner: John & Kelly DeHaas. 

Town Plan and Zoning Commission

Meeting Date 12/13/23

          Petition 26-23: Special Permit (Sec. 3.4.7) To Convert A Pre-1920 Single Family Residential Dwelling          At 202 Deming Street Into Two Residential Units In The R-20 Zone, Applicant/Owner: Salvatore J.            Visconti Jr. & Paula J. Visconti, Contact: Paula J. Visconti.

          Petition 27-23: Special Permit (Sec 3.13.0 And 3.13.7) And Site Plan For A Restaurant With An                       Accessory Drive Through At 79 East Cedar Street (AKA 63-79 East Cedar Street) In The B-TC Zone           (Business Town Center Zone) And Town Center Village Overlay District. Applicant: Cedar Street                 LLC, Owner: Newington Sovereign Bank Plaza LLC, Contact: Cary Gagnon.

          Petition 28-23: Zoning Regulation Text Amendment Pertaining To Family Child Care Homes And                Group Child Care Homes As A Permitted Use Accessory To A Residence In A Zone Permitting Either          Single, Two-Family, Or Multifamily Uses (Add Sec. 3.1.5 ) (Amend Sec 3.2.8) (Remove And Add 9.2                Definition), Applicant: Newington TPZ, Contact: Paul Dickson.

          Petition 29-23: Special Permit (Sec. 6.16) For A Cannabis Hybrid Retailer At 2661 Berlin Turnpike                (AKA 2657-2661 Berlin Turnpike) In The B-BT Zone (Business Berlin Turnpike Zone). Applicant:                    Chillax LLC, Owner: 2661 Berlin Turnpike Associates LLC, Contact: Michelle Bodian Esq.

       Petition 30-23: Biennial Review of Balf Quarry Operations and Site Plan Approval at The Balf Company, 301                     Hartford Avenue, Applicant/Contact: Christopher J. Costello of 642 Black Rock Avenue, New Britain, CT, Owner:             Tilcon Connecticut, Inc.