Rank / Insignia / Awards

Chief of Police - Two Stars

The Chief of Police is appointed by, and responsible to, the Town Manager. The Chief will direct and coordinate the work of all the divisions of the department; handle personnel issues, disciplinary actions, citizen complaints, manpower needs, division problems, requests for funding and policy development and review.

Lieutenant - One Gold Bar

The department has three Lieutenants. Each serves as a division commander for the Patrol, Investigative and Support Services divisions.  The Lieutenants report directly to the Chief of Police.

Summary of Responsibilities - Divisional Supervision
Investigative Division
Supervises the unit and controls the case management system.  Has direct oversight of all major crimes, narcotics, background Investigations, forensics lab, evidence processing & management, and other detective related activities.   
Patrol Division
Supervises the unit, handle personnel scheduling, motorcycle unit, bicycle unit, supervises the armory, handle major event planning, and other patrol related duties.  
Support Services Division
Supervises the Training Unit, Community Services Unit, School Resource Officer, Records Division, Communications Unit, Animal Control Officers, and Press Information.

Sergeants - Three Stripes

The department has nine sergeants. Sergeants are assigned to various functions within the department.

Summary of Responsibilities & Duties
Administrative, scheduling, internal affairs, inspections, grants, research, planning, crime analysis
Support Services
Coordinates the department training, School Resource Officer program, internal affairs, recruit coordination, liaison with Police Officer Standards and Training Council
Support Services
Supervises the Community Service Officer program, supervises the Communications Unit, Professional Standards, and other duties as assigned.
Support Services
Evening Executive Officer assists the shift commander on the evening shift.
Supervises detectives
Shift commander / supervisor of patrol officers

Master Police Officer (MPO) - One Stripe

The department has six MPOs. An officer must have a minimum ten years of experience with the department, be assigned to the patrol division, and have seniority to be awarded this rank.

Police Service Awards

Green and White striped excellent police duty award

Excellent Police Duty

Awarded to a member of the department as a result of outstanding police work, or exemplary service to department or community.

Green stripe Meritorious Service award

Meritorious Service

Awarded to a member of the department who saves a life without risking the life of the member.

Blue and Yellow striped distinguished service award

Distinguished Service

Awarded to a member of the department who significantly risks his/her life while intelligently performing his/her duty.

Purple and yellow stripe Police Cross award

The Police Cross

Awarded to a member of the department who is seriously wounded in the line of duty while engaged in combat with an adversary.

Red and Yellow striped Medal of Valor award

Medal of Valor

Awarded to a member of the department for an act which involves extreme risk to the life of the member and which is performed above and beyond the call of duty.