Recruitment / Employment

The Newington Police Department conducts ongoing recruitment. There are two sets of testing - Entry Level and Connecticut post Certified. When employment opportunities are available they will be posted on Police App Website.  This will bring you to the current openings and testing procedures. If  you have a question concerning recruitment you can contact the  Department at 860-594-6202 or by email.

Entry Level Requirements

These are the entry level requirements as set up by the Police Officers Standards and Training Council (POSTC) for the State of Connecticut:

  • To  qualify for a police officer certification in Connecticut, an applicant  must meet all relevant entry level requirements as set by the State’s  POST Council, some of which are that the candidate:
    • Be a citizen of the United States;
    • Be at least 21 years of age;
    • Be a high school graduate or have passed the General Educational Development Test;
    • Possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s license;
  • Pass the following tests or requirements administered or coordinated by NPD:
    • Written entry test;
    • Oral interview panel with at least one CT POST Council certified police officer on the panel;
    • Fingerprinted (by NPD) and a search made of fingerprint files for any record;
    • Not convicted by a court of any felony, any class A or class B misdemeanor;
    • Have not committed any act which would constitute perjury or false statement;
    • Pass a background investigation;
    • Pass a polygraph examination (by POST Council approved polygraph examiners only);
    • Found suitable for police work by psychological examination;
    • Pass established drug screening tests;
    • Examined and certified by POST as a probationary police recruit;
    • Pass all physical fitness requirements;
    • Have  personally certified knowledge that any falsification of any statement  in the application process constitutes grounds for termination;  
    • Other tests or requirements as established by the Town of Newington.

More information on requirements and academy training can be found at the POSTC website.