Tourism & Historical Properties

Newington is proud of its connections to the past and is home to some unique tourist destinations.

Known by more than three million “Ham Radio” operators throughout the world as the headquarters for the American Radio Relay League/ and amateur radio station W1AW, the ARRL has been located in Newington since 1938 and is visited by thousands of people annually. Employing more than 100 people, ARRL licenses operators, provides emergency communications and promotes technical innovation and responsible regulation of the airways.

The National Iwo Jima Memorial honors the marines who perished in the World War II battle of Iwo Jima and portrays the iconic raising of the American flag over Mount Suribachi. Similar to the Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington, VA, the Newington Memorial is nearly 40 feet high and features an eternal flame.

The Town owned Kellogg Eddy House, built in 1808, is an example of a residence of an affluent farmer of the era. The Enoch Kelsey House, dating back to 1799, features many architectural details that have been preserved.