Reasons to Have a Library Card

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Your library card  offers free access to more than just books!

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1. It's free and easy to get- Getting a library card is easy and it's free. Fill out the application with the proper ID and your card gives you access to all that the library has to offer. Apply for a library card today!

2. Saves you money - Each time you use your card you are saving money. There is a huge savings benefit to borrowing instead of buying. If you consider the fact that most books cost between $10-$28, some quick mental math reveals you can easily save hundreds of dollars a year. Couple that with access to all sorts of other media and online tools, and families could easily access hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of value for free. Try the Library Use Calculator to see how much you save each time you use the library.

3. Gives you access to books and more -The library has a large variety of books from mysteries to cookbooks to biographies, as well as the latest to DVDs, Blu-Rays and music CDs offering something to people of all ages and interests. Besides being free, with your card you can request  materials from the 30 libraries that are part of our consortium and pick them up the library. 

4. Stream or download from the library's vast digital collection. Checkout and download or stream ebooks, audiobooks, movies music and magazines to your device and enjoy! 

5. Access the databases and online services offered by the library. The library has electronic resources for students, businesses job seekers and lifelong learners. Whether you want to learn a new language, find a newspaper article or look for the latest stock information, your library cards gives you access to amazing databases and online courses.

6. Offers discounts and savings on museum and attraction passes. Thanks to our Friends of the Library organization, the library has offers passes to local museums and attractions that can be checked out with your card, many of which can be downloaded from home.

7Free WiFi where ever you goIn addition to having free WiFi throughout the building, the library has circulating WiFi hotspots that can be checked with your card and that will give you internet access where ever you may need it.

8. Can be used at any library in the state of CT - Your card can be registered at other libraries outside of our system to be used as a reciprocal borrower giving you greater access to more library materials as part of the CT State Library borrowIT CT program. Thanks to a statewide delivery system you can return the items to us and we will send them back to the owning library. 

9. Gives your 24/7 access to our digital library.  Go to the library's website and with your card you can access our digital collection, the library's online catalog and online services anytime of the day from home.

10. Supports access to information for all - Libraries promote free and open access to information for everyone. Registering for a library card is an easy and effective way to support this mission because when you sign up for a library card, these sign up statistics help the local policy makers and the community see the value of today's libraries and their importance in society.