This unit is responsible for the:

  • Budgetary preparation and implementation
  • Coordination of the equipment needs of the department
  • Grants
  • Interdepartmental coordination
  • Internal affairs
  • Labor issues
  • Long term planning for the department
  • Payroll
  • Police recruitment and hiring
  • Purchasing
  • Regional, state, and federal initiatives
  • Responding to community and citizens’ needs or complaints
  • Rule and regulation development and maintenance
  • Other administrative duties as needed

Mission Statement

To Protect and Serve our citizens.


The following accomplishments in the Administrative Unit during the past few years:

  • The division was active with Regional and State Home Land Security efforts. Our Emergency Services (ERT) unit and the other seven regional units were enhanced with new equipment and are responsible for local critical incidents and are a back up to other jurisdictions within the Capital Region.
  • The division was involved in the completion of an enhanced Regional Access Frequency System (RAFS) that allows inter-operability with all 38 Local Law Enforcement Agencies in the Capitol Region and with the Connecticut State Police.
  • The division upgrade of our Emergency Operation Center (EOC) with the installation of a ceiling projector, TV monitors, VCR, DVD, whiteboards, radio equipment, fax machines, and other miscellaneous equipment.  These upgrade were accomplished with the use of Home Land Security grants and local funding.  This facility now serves as the Town of Newington’s EOC for Town wide emergencies.
  • The division continues to meet monthly with the Mid-State Chiefs to enhance regional traffic enforcement, narcotics enforcement, and regional cooperation.
  • The division continues to seek grant funding at the State and Federal level for the EOC, the SWAT unit, DUI enforcement, equipment, communication system, and other traffic enforcement programs.