Newington Police Car


This unit is responsible for the 24 hour town-wide protection using uniformed officers in distinctively marked patrol vehicles, unmarked vehicles, motorcycles, and bikes. The unit is the primary emergency and non-emergency response unit of the department. This unit also oversees the High School SRO program.

About the Division

The Patrol Division is the largest division of the Police Department. The Patrol Division Division provides first response to all emergencies, performs preliminary investigations, and provides basic patrol services to the Town of Newington.


Patrol Division has the responsibility to:

  • Provide the first police response to emergencies
  • Perform preliminary investigations and provide basic police patrol services
  • Provide on-duty availability of a Canine Unit for searches and assistance in detecting the location of suspects, missing persons, evidence or contraband
  • Deploy Bicycle Patrol Units to perform routine patrol duties in an aggressive/pro-active manner
  • Traffic Enforcement in marked, unmarked and motorcycle patrols
  • Accident Investigation and parking control
  • All other services as needed.